Vietface TV is proud to be the exclusive television home of the wildly popular musical series “Paris By Night,” brainchild of Thuy Nga Productions. For more than 30 years, Paris By Night has entertained Vietnamese audiences around the world, playing a huge role in the preservation of Vietnamese culture for future generations.

Vietface TV creates programming intended to inform, educate and entertain. VFTV serves a global audience, building on Paris By Night’s trusted brand with a comprehensive media and entertainment platform.

Vietface TV takes great pride in providing world-class content to our viewers and community.

Our quality daily informative programming comprises of:

  • Original news content, world news updates, weekend entertainment reviews, and financial shows.

In addition to serving as the exclusive television network for “Paris By Night”,
VFTV provides an array of broad spectrum programming in addition to daily programing:

  • Including celebrity interviews, comedies, dramas, Asian feature-length films, travel & food shows, and reality-based programs.

Vietface TV is one of DirecTV’s top rated stations in their nationally broadcasted Asian Media Package.  Viewership increased when Vietface TV became a part of their programming slate. Currently, Vietface TV has about more than 54,000 household viewers on DirecTv.

KJLA 57.2 is the home for Vietface TV in Southern California. Offered 24/7, viewership has proven to be faithful and strong.

KTBU 55.7 is the affiliate channel of Vietface TV in Houston, Texas. Offers full contents from News, movies, entertainment to local news, and community-related programs.

Vietface TV advertisers and sponsors have seen a proven increase in sales, interest, and ROI when utilizing VFTV as part of their marketing platform.  Together we look to develop long lasting relationships as highly engaged “partners”; we collaborate our marketing efforts with with result driven success.

Vietface TV has the most viewers in Vietnamese community in Houston. With all the creative and diverse programming, VFTV has viewers from the age group 20 to 80.

Vietface TV is proud to be the number one Vietnamese Television in the United States.

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